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[NYCC 2012] Did 343 Quietly Reveal Several Map Remakes for Halo 4?


Posted by: Joe Donato

During the Halo 4 panel at New York Comic Con this weekend, 343 showed off several videos and gameplay demonstrations for their upcoming shooter. One video in particular caught my eye, and unless my eyes deceived me, it looks like there may be some classic Halo 2 maps headed to Halo 4.

The clip went something like this: several brief moments of Halo multiplayer spanning several games in the series, from Halo 2 to Halo: Reach, followed by footage from Halo 4. During the Halo 4 clips we got brief glimpses of maps that heavily resembled Waterworks, Turf, and Warlock. One map looked a lot like Backwash, but it turned out to be Abandon, one of the new maps already confirmed for Halo 4.

Considering the footage was a quickly edited montage of multiple Halo games, it's entirely possible my eyes got a bit too excited (it was a really good panel, after all). Hopefully 343 can confirm my suspicions, but in the meantime we may simply have to file this one under rumors. That said, Halo 2 still has the best suite of maps the series' multiplayer ever had, so any remakes would be a welcome addition to Halo 4 multiplayer. Fingers crossed.

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