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Damn nature, you scary: HIV enhances Salmonella into super bacteria


Posted by: Andrew Clouther

This is some Umbrella shit right here.  Well, if Umbrella ever dealt with bacteria and not just letter named viruses.  Anyhew, there is a new strand of bacteria sweeping across Africa that has been created by quite disturbing and nonconventional means.   I swear this isn’t fiction but scarier than some sci-fi plots I’ve read. 

In a nut shell, salmonella is evolving strength, potency, and immunity to certain medicines by infecting people suffering from HIV.  The HIV patients have low immune systems and somehow the bacteria is gaining momentum from this.  This strain of salmonella is carrying the HIV immune system breaking down effect over to new victims.  So far this has only been occurring in sub-Saharan Africa… but seriously what the f@#$ nature!?  This is my nightmare.

If diseases, bacteria, viruses, can learn and gain from one another… we as a species are doomed.  DOOMED!  I feel sub-Saharan Africa has enough problems without a new super bacteria killing people.  Where salmonella only usually kills 1% of people it infects, this new blood based strain is killing 25% - 45% of sub-Saharan Africans.  Nothing scares me more than this sort of thing.

Call in the BSAA.  

[SourceFedNews and ScienceMag]

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