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Google Maps Street View coming to iPhone


Posted by: Andrew Clouther

Yea, so, um, if you’ve upgraded the iOS firmware 6 on your iPhone or have been on the internet at all recently, you know the iOS maps program has a few bugs.  Real minor things like places labeled wrong, roads leading into the ocean, flattened national sights… NBD.  Except, all of the internet and Apple fan boys (and girls) are having a field day with it.

In an attempt to get away from Google’s internet tyranny, Apple made their own maps app getting away from the infinitely polished and amazing Google Map app.  ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’ I suppose.  iPhone users have been using Safari to use a more web based Google Maps instead. 

Due to this, Safari will be adding the popular Street View aspect of Google Maps to the iOS web browser.  This way Apple can continue having their faulty mapss app and people who want their street views can get it.  I consider this a temporary win / win.

[Engadget via NYTimes]

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