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Conan O'Brien and Alex Morgan get their groove on with Just Dance 4


Posted by: Matt Liebl

Late Night host Conan 'O'Brien is back with another hilarious segment of "Clueless Gamer", a bit where Conan plays and reviews video games while absolutely knowing nothing at all about games.

In last night's segment, Conan takes on Just Dance 4, Ubisoft's upcoming music game which judges players based on their ability to mimic on-screen dancers performing a routine to a chosen song.

Replacing his usual partner, Aaron Bleyaert, who helps him play through these games is Olympic gold medalist Alex Morgan, who makes it very clear that her medal was won in soccer and not dancing. But will that stop her from embarrassing Conan in a dance off? I think we both know the answer to that.

Still, despite knowing Conan will be absolutely terrible at the game, it's still a pretty entertaining bit. It's not as funny as some of his other Clueless Gamer reviews since he's not able to go off on a tangent as easily, but watching Conan attempt to perform these dance moves is still pretty hilarious. Not to mention, you'll probably get a good idea of how stupid you look while playing Just Dance 4 by watching Conan.

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