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BioShock Infinite art book announced by Dark Horse Comics


Posted by: Andrew Clouther

At this point, I almost feel like Irrational Games's BioShock Infinite is like some teased distant dream.  I absolutely love the BioShock games and time after time I’ll just randomly watch all the game footage and trailers for Infinite just to get me psyched for the game again.  Perhaps I’m a masochist.

Well apparently Dark Horse Comics has decided to add to my delighted torment.  The Art of BioShock Infinite will be a deluxe hardcover book set.  It will include production designs, concept art, Booker, Elizabeth, Songbird, the Heavy Hitters, Motorized Patriots, Handymen, Boys of Silence, Siren, and the city of Columbia itself. 

This is the perfect gift for any diehard BioShock fan or collector.  The late 1800s steam punk like art can all be yours in this one book published by famed Dark Horse Comics.  So many skyhooks and airships!  The Art of BioShock Infinite will also feature an introduction by BioShock’s creative director Ken Levine.

All this can be yours February 27th, 2013; and it will be yours.

BioShock Infinite Art

[DailyBlam via DarkHorse]

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