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ArenaNet releases what should have been the Guild Wars 2 launch trailer


Posted by: Matt Liebl

Over the weekend, ArenaNet released a new trailer for Guild Wars 2. In what should have been the launch trailer, the video highlights the many features of Guild Wars 2. Similar to the 7-minute long Mists of Pandaria trailer, this one briefly touches on the numerous features of Guild Wars 2 including races, character classes, individual storylines, dynamic events, and the epic World vs. World battles.

Although I appreciate the effort of director James McTeigue in his "Our Time Is Now" trailer, I think some of the key Guild Wars 2 elements may have been lost in his abstract take on the game. I'm sure it had its fans, but I just prefer a more literal trailer that actually shows off the crucial gameplay elements that makes Guild Wars 2 so unique. It may not be creative, but at least this trailer is informative.

Of course, given the sales success of Guild Wars 2, I'm sure the launch trailer or this one don't even matter that much. As of September 13, Guild Wars 2 had sold over two million copies. Those numbers include ArenaNet and NCsoft's decision to halt first-party sales while they worked out the server issues. Now with the server issues seemingly fixed and Guild Wars 2 available on Mac, the time really is now for Guild Wars 2 to flourish. 

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