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Tank! Tank! Tank! lets you blast people in the face


Posted by: David Sanchez

New screenshots of Tank! Tank! Tank! have surfaced courtesy of Namco Bandai. The game, based on an arcade title of the same name, has you driving around in a tank and blasting enemies. Obviously, the premise is pretty promising on paper.

What I found particularly interesting about these Tank! Tank! Tank! images is the kid's face that appears on the giant pink mech. It looks kind of silly, actually, but I suppose it's meant for comedic value.

Additionally, while this may make me seem like a jerk, I would totally blast that mech because of the face the kid is making. I mean, come on!

Tank! Tank! Tank! will feature arcade action gameplay following the Wii U's launch here in North America this November. Watch out for it you want to shoot annoying-looking kids in the face.

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