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A look at the Covenant weapons in Halo 4

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Fuel Rod Cannon

halo 4 fuel rod cannon

Typically used against heavy armor by launching charged fuel rods which violently detonate upon impact. 

Chris King (Lead Sandbox Designer) - "Traditionally, the Fuel Rod hasn’t gotten a lot of love in Halo multiplayer. This has changed in Halo 4. This is another case where I am really excited about the direction the audio and FX teams went in with the weapon. It’s not drastically different but the changes just make it feel that much more satisfying and visceral. As with the other “area of effect” weapons in the game, the projectile speeds have been increased on this one, and we’ve fine-tuned the blast radiuses just a tad. Despite the faster speeds, you will still need to land a couple fuel rod shots to finish off an opponent, as an individual blast isn’t powerful enough to kill someone. Because of the large magazine size on this one, it’s also great for area of denial as well."

Energy Sword

halo 4 energy sword

Composed of superheated plasma, this sword remains the preferred close-quarters weapon of specialized Elites. 

Frank O'Connor (Franchise Development Director) - "I am just eating it with this right now. I thought universal Sprint would give me a huge advantage, but the reality is it flattens it out for me. I used to go on crazy tears with the sword, but now I find myself being stopped short – that “gun game” thing people are referring to more and more seems to be hitting me where it counts during would-be sword sprees. I do find myself on the receiving end of it a fair amount, however." 

Gravity Hammer

halo 4 gravity hammer

Crude yet formidable close-range Brute weapon, substantially improved by way of a powerful gravity drive. 

Frank O'Connor (Franchise Development Director) - "For me, it’s kind of the opposite philosophy from a lightsaber, an inelegant weapon for a more barbaric time. I love the fact that the splash effect can buy you some distance, even when you whiff it badly. I love the fact that a direct hit is a cast-iron guarantee of success, and I love the fact that you feel almost exactly like Donkey Kong for a similar amount of swings at the “barrels” the sandbox presents you. And yes, I know Mario is the one swinging the hammer, but it’s important to make the Donkey Kong analogy sing!" 

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