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Fan redoes Final Fantasy VII on Little Big Planet 2


Posted by: Andrew Clouther

The title says it all.  A fan, who goes by the name TheJamster1992 on the YouTubes, literally recreated the class Final Fantasy VII through Little Big Planet 2.  With over three hours of remastered Sackboy action, the Final Fantasy fan can feel the nostalgia of chasing after Sephiroth once more – just slightly differently.

These videos are split into 6 different segments.  They cover the period of the very beginning of the game up to the Temple of Ancients.  THAT IS A LOT OF THE GAME.  I have no idea how many man hours TheJamster1992 put into this but it had to be a ton.  The costumes, levels, music, and even the dialogue is so dead on that these videos are absolutely amazing.  Check out TheJamster1992’s YouTube page HERE and watch the first video below:


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