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ArenaNet reopens Guild Wars 2 digital sales


Posted by: Matt Liebl

When Guild Wars 2 first launched, ArenaNet promised they would do everything possible to ensure that players had a smooth launch and gameplay experience. To ensure the servers would not be overloaded with the initial wave of players, they limited the amount of digital sales.

Shortly after launch, ArenaNet stopped the digital sales of Guild Wars 2. If you've been holding out to purchase your game digitally, you can now do so, as ArenaNet has made available the Digital Edition, Digital Deluxe Edition, and Collector's Edition, which can now all be purchased directly from the Guild Wars 2 website.

Guild Wars 2, which released in August, had a fairly smooth launch compared to most MMOs. Aside from a few server overloads preventing friends from playing on the same server, the overflow system in place has helped players at least be able to login in play while they wait to join their friends.

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