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Tabeo is the $150 Android tablet for children


Posted by: Andrew Clouther

Kids these days, ya know?  I’m amazed by how many children I know that are 2 years old and have MASTERED their parent’s phones and tablets.  I would have liked to think that I was a tech savvy child when I was their age but the truth is, the same sort of tech just didn’t exist.  So here’s the thing, instead of getting kids those toy computers and phones… why not get them real ones – ones designed them.

The Tabeo is a tablet just for children.  This Toys “R” Us sold tablet will be going for $149.99 and can already be preordered on the Toys “R” us website.  The tablet will be in stores October 21 of this year.  This little Android made guy rocks a 7’’ screen, has internet access, has defined parental settings to block unwanted sites, a front facing camera to do camera stuff, and HDMI capabilities to share all the awesomeness.   

So… if you got a spare $150 sitting around and want to introduce your children to tablets or just want to shut them up longer on car rides – Tabeo.


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