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FTL: Faster Than Light due out this Friday, trailer out now


Posted by: David Sanchez

Having made a bundle through its Kickstarter campaign, it shouldn't be surprising that FTL: Faster Than Light is just about ready to launch as a digital download. The game is due out this Friday, September 14, and it will deliver a nice amalgamation of gameplay elements for folks interested in checking something out that's a little different.

FTL features RTS mechanics that will have you engaging in combat and upgrading your spaceship. Additionally, it's up to you to dish out orders to your crew members while under attack. Luckily, you can pause the game to do so. Aside from the real-time stuff, there's even some roguelike elements thrown in for good measure. Perma-death is totally a thing, you guys!

Check out the trailer below to get an idea as to what you can expect when FTL launches in just a few days. The game will be available on Steam,, and through the developer's website.

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