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Rumor: leaked iPhone 5 battery is both bigger and taller


Posted by: Andrew Clouther

Word on the street is that the iPhone 5 will have a bigger and taller battery than the iPhone 4.  Why does this matter?  Well… in this case it most likely mean a longer battery life.  With the iPhone 5 most likely having 4G, the larger battery will allow to enjoy the selected speed increase for larger amounts of time. 

Why this rumor seems accurate, is that the leaked images of the iPhone 5 itself had a slot for a taller battery.  When you line the two leaked objects up they fit in perfectly; the battery looks like it will fit right into the iPhone 5.  We may be on to something here people.  Regardless though, it is still purely rumor at this point.

The iPhone 5 is 3.8V / 5.45Whr while the iPhone 4S is 3.7V / 5.3Whr.  With this leaked battery being a near solid half inch taller and thinner than the 4S, we got ourselves a larger phone here.  All these rumors and speculation just feed the hype train for something that will be revealed September 12, with that being exactly a week away, I think we can wait.  WE CAN WAIT.

iPhone 5 battery

iPhone 5 rumor

[Gizmodo via Iresq]

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