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Half-Minute Hero all but confirmed for Steam


Posted by: David Sanchez

So, Half-Minute Hero is headed to Steam, you guys. Okay, so I can't officially say that with 100 percent certainty. But I can kind of almost say it with 100 percent certainty ... if that makes any sense.

Publisher Marvelous Entertainment released a teaser image (below) that shows, well, Half-Minute Hero stuff! The characters (which are clearly pixelated) are silhouettes, and the logo for Marvelous is adorning the bottom of the image.

As pointed out on Destructoid, that choo-choo train sign up at the top left corner of the picture is possibly (read: probably) a reference to the game landing on Steam. There's even an announcement date: September 27. There's also a countdown from 30. How many seconds are there in half a minute again?

Last year, Half-Minute Hero: Super Mega Neo Climax was released on Xbox Live Arcade with added graphical options, new quests, Achievements, and online multiplayer. Is this version of the game that will possibly be announced on Steam later this month?

Half-Minute Hero


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