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Ed + Danielle open, overflowing with rad indie gaming merch


Posted by: David Sanchez

Edmund and Danielle McMillen have officially opened up shop once again. If you're a fan of all things awesome, be sure to stop by Ed + Danielle and check out their wares.

You'll find everything from Super Meat Boy and Binding of Isaac plushies to signed comic books and posters. That's not all, though. Ed + Danielle also has a bunch of character figures, stickers, and more. A lot of the stuff is signed, too, which boosts its awesomeness by 10. Oh, and if you're looking for a copy of the retail edition of Isaac, there's that, too. Ed + Danielle also carries Theory of Cute merch. That's Danielle's brand of sweet handcrafted items.

If you're a fan of McMillen's games and you're looking for something to adorn your bed or work desk, check out what Ed + Danielle has in stock. Additionally, if you're just looking for something awesome to give a loved, you'll be surprised at great stuff you'll find.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to look around the shop, so go away and don't bother me.

[Ed + Danielle]

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