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Hey you guys, Mutant Mudds has landed on PC!


Posted by: David Sanchez

The day has finally arrived, everyone! Mutant Mudds has crash landed on PC for your downloading pleasure! Renegade Kid's colorful and pixelated 2D platformer achieved plenty of success on the eShop, where it quickly became a critically acclaimed title and a favorite among 3DS owners.

Mutant Mudds features all 40 levels from the original release, as well as 20 brand new Grannie levels. In case you're wondering, these new stages are hard. Like, super hard, you guys. But seriously, how is that even remotely a bad thing?

To get a look at the awesomeness of Mutant Mudds, feel free to check out our review of the 3DS version. Also, expect a shiny new review for the updated PC edition.

You can download Mutant Mudds on, Desura, Gamersgate, and The Renegade Shop. The game is currently sporting a sexy $7.99 launch price, which will later be changed to the standard $9.99. If you're looking for some retro-inspired platforming action, check out Mutant Mudds without hesitation.

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