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Aliens: Colonial Marines' new 'Escape Mode' is eerily similar to Left 4 Dead


Posted by: Matt Liebl

Aliens: Colonial Marines has added a new multiplayer mode to go along with the already-announced competitive deathmatch.

The new "Escape" mode puts the four-person Colonial Marines team on the offensive against a four-player Xenomorph team. In this mode, the Marines must make their way through the map in order to escape the attacking Xenomorphs who are tasked with eliminating them as quickly as possible — sound familiar?

Regardless of its similarities to Left 4 Dead, it still sounds like a fun mode. Of course, while offering a robust multiplayer component, we all know the heart of Aliens: Colonial Marines lies within the single player story — one that looks to deliver that same bone-chilling suspense and adrenaline-filled action from the movies on to the consoles.

Aliens: Colonial Marines is set to release worldwide on February 12, 2013 for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. A Wii U version is expected launch as well, but for now the release date will be revealed at a later time.

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