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This guy's other ride IS the Normandy


Posted by: Lance Liebl

In a post to their Facebook page today, BioWare shared a picture of a Mini Cooper. At the front center of the hood was the N7 symbol from Mass Effect. Their post read "Many cars have bumper stickers claiming that the driver's "other ride is the Normandy," but we're no so quick to dismiss this one. :)"

The Mini Cooper part doesn't excite me, but this guy/gal is obviously a big enough Mass Effect fan to drive around with it on their car. Most likely it's a decal that can be removed pretty easy, but the package isn't complete without a license plate that says "SPECTR." Better than a plate that read 'Too Cool'... you get extra points if you know what movie that's from. This car would be even better if it had neon lights under it that switched between red, green and blue... get it?

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[Source: BioWare Facebook Page]

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