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The speeder bikes from Star Wars could be coming true


Posted by: Andrew Clouther

As if firing lasers on Mars wasn’t enough for making me feel like my Star Wars fantasies are coming a reality; now we have a speeder bike-esque vehicle.  It’s happening people!  Are we on Endor?  This isn’t Endor is it?  It’s not Endor.

Aerofex, the California firm, fixed a 1960’s prototype of a flying bike’s stability issues and rollover problems.  Now with a mechanical system controlled by knee-level bars (totally speed bike like), the vehicle now supports human pilots.

Currently the developers are working on components for future test drives to take this bad boy off road into more rural locations instead of just flat roads.  Sadly, the current goal isn’t for human recreation but they want to use this hover technology to support agricultural needs.  I mean… farming is important after all… food is good…

Now let’s just combine these two great breakthrough and we can have hover bikes in space with lasers!  Soon Star Wars… soon.


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