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Looking for those Diablo 3 1.04 Patch Notes? Look No Further

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  • All level 60- 62 damage affixes have had their Minimum and Maximum top-end damage values increased
    = Level 63 items will still roll the highest potential damage values in the game, but the damage difference between level 60-62 items and level 63 items just won’t be as dramatic as it was before
    = Note: This will only impact items created or dropped after patch 1.0.4
  • Two-handed melee weapons have made more viable:
    = Two-handed melee weapons can now roll their own affixes for core stats as well as higher damage values (as compared to one-handed melee weapons)
    = Core stat values have been increased by approximately 70%
    = Note: This does not affect two-handed ranged weapons
    = Additional affix changes for two-handed melee weapons include:
    + Crit Damage, Life on Hit, Life After Each Kill, and Life Steal values can now roll up to 200%
    = Note: This does not affect two-handed ranged weapons
    = Note: These changes will only impact items created or dropped after patch 1.0.4
  • All off-hand items (mojos, orbs, quivers, shields) can now roll Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, and Vitality in the same ranges as Armor and Weapons
    = Note: This will only affect off-hand items created or dropped after patch 1.0.4
  • Off-hands can now roll Reduced Level Requirement
  • Drop rate on quivers has been reduced
  • +MaxFury and +MaxSpirit will no longer roll on ranged weapons
  • Max Block amount on shields with an item level of 59 and higher has been changed so they all provide the same amount of Max Block
  • Repair costs have been reduced by up to 25% for item levels between 53 and 63
  • Weapon racks have had their weapon drop rate restored to 100%, though weapons are more likely be of Common quality (white or grey items)
  • Destructible objects now have a chance to drop items again
  • The text color of gems, potions, crafting pages and tomes dropped on the ground has been changed from white to light blue
  • The maximum stack size of gems has been increased from 30 to 100
  • The gem drop sound effect is now more noticeable

    Legendary Items
  • Significant changes have been made to Legendary items:
  • Custom proc effects have been added to over 50 Legendary items and Set item bonuses
  • All Legendary items will now roll with at least one of the following affixes to ensure that their DPS is viable: +Elemental Damage, +Attack Speed, +Critical Damage, +%damage, Has Sockets
  • Affix values on Legendary items are no longer demoted and will now roll at their maximum potential
  • Many lower level Legendary items have had their affix count increased to 6
  • Legendary items based on Uniques from previous Diablo games have received a tuning pass to make their stats more reflective of their ancestors
  • The chance for a Legendary item to drop that's below an item level of 50 has been increased
  • Item level 63 Legendary items have been added to the game
  • Legendary Sets:
    = All item level 61 set pieces have been increased to item level 63 (excluding rings and amulets), and had their base item changed from late Hell/early Inferno to late Inferno
    = Class-specific sets are now guaranteed to have the class’s core stat on every item in the set
  • Summoned Creatures:
    = Creatures summoned by Legendary item procs should now follow the player or Follower with the item equipped
    = Creatures summoned by Legendary item procs should now have combat awareness similar to Followers
    = Creatures summoned by Legendary item procs should now their level determined by the Legendary item level

    Please note that these changes will only apply to new Legendary items that drop or are created after patch 1.0.4. Legendary items which dropped or were created prior to patch 1.0.4 will remain unchanged (this also applies to items which have not been identified yet). To distinguish these items from one another, new Legendary items will have slightly different names and appearances from those dropped or created prior to 1.0.4.

  • Squirt the Peddler has permanently moved from the Caldeum Bazaar up to the Hidden Camp, as she heard people liked buying Health Potions up there.

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