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After firing its laser, the Curiosity makes Star Wars fantasies more real


Posted by: Andrew Clouther

All internet memes aside, IMA FIRIN MAH LAZER actually occurred on Mars.  NASA's Mars rover Curiosity, fired 30 pulses of LASER during a 10 second period at a Mars rock.  We’re talking over a million watts of power for about one-billionths of a second.  When the laser connects, the atoms in the rocks get excited into ionized liquid hot plasma.  This is the formula for specimens and research people. 

Science is getting pretty damn cool.  Think about exactly what happened here.  Us Earthlings sent a rover into SPACE, had it land on Mars, controled it via remote control, and fired lasers at rocks – umm, that’s @#$%ing rad.  When I think of space and lasers, I can’t help to think of Star Wars.  Shooting lasers on Mars is obviously the step right before building the DEATH STAR.  Tell me the image NASA used doesn’t remind you a bit of the Death Star lining up its shot?

Death Star soon

I think this is awesome; lasers on Mars is truly what science is all about.


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