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Freeware shmup Nanosmiles now available on Playism


Posted by: David Sanchez

Indie shoot 'em up Nanosmiles was released on Playism today. The game is a retro-looking shooter that plays a bit different than most. Rather than having access to guns yourself, you have to go around collecting smaller ships. These small carriers protect your larger ship, and they're your primary source of offense.

Nanosmiles is interesting in that you're not the one shooting things. Instead, you can lock on to enemies, and by holding down the lock on button, the helper drones you've collected along the way will swarm the baddies and blast them to smithereens. It's a unique take on the shooter genre, and after spending a few minutes playing the initial stages, I found it to pretty challenging and entertaining.

You can download Nanosmiles for free on Playism, and by paying over a dollar, you'll have access to new levels. It's certainly worth checking out, so I'd recommend giving the free stages a go to see what you think of the game.


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