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A Valley Without Wind getting graphical redesign


Posted by: David Sanchez

Despite the fact that I actually thought the graphics in A Valley Without Wind were pretty interesting, not a lot of people felt the same way. As a matter of fact, the majority of gamers weren't too fond of the game's art style. Even people who haven't played A Valley Without Wind seem to be turned off by the game's visuals, which is a shame because this is a pretty damn good game.

According to developer Arcen Games founder Chris Park, Heavy Cat will be doing a lot of the visual reworking for A Valley Without Wind, which means the rest of the studio can focus on other projects. There's still plenty of work to be put into the graphical overhaul, but gamers can expect A Valley Without Wind to get a fresh coat of paint this November.

While the art style isn't final, Park showed off a screen of how the visuals are currently looking, and I have to say, it's really nice. Sure, I liked the graphics in A Valley Without Wind the first time around, but admittedly, this new style is definitely a lot cleaner, and I can most certainly dig it.

A Valley Without Wind - PC - 1

[Games By Design]

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