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The coco case turns your phone into a controller


Posted by: Andrew Clouther

Tired of playing games on your phone with bad controls?  Are the tap and swipe features getting to you?  Do you desire better control from your iOS and Android games?  Well, the good people at Milkshake Labs have invented just the advice for you.  The coco is a phone case that functions as a game controller / console.  It easily slides on and off for a full level of convenience.

By adding physical buttons to your phone device, you can play games easier and more efficiently.  Along with buttons it all comes with a directional pad for simplified gaming.  While the coco isn’t compatible with every game out there (there are just too many), they keep getting support from more and more phone game developers.  So far they have 30 games under their belt and are only adding more.      

On top of all this, it can also synergize with Apple Televisions to put your hand held game on the big screen.  While the gameplay will thus switch from your hands to the TV, the phone still functions as a maps, spells, items – depending the game.  This technology is similar as that for Nintendo’s new Wii-U. 

Right now the coco is in a Kickstarter phase so check it out HERE.  If you like what you see, back it. 


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