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The End of Nations customization trailer


Posted by: Andrew Clouther

When there are only currently two factions in End of Nations, you downright need some customization to make your forces stand out from everyone else’s armies.  Not only did Trion realize this, but they are all over it.  I’m a sucker for customization.  I remember quite fondly my 1on1 time with Mike Legg during E3 when he showed me all the customization options in EoN – especially the 'Bacon Camouflage.'  Does it get better?

End of Nations is the free to play MMORTS that you can current sign up for Beta weekends and is in an Alpha phase as well.  At Gamescom 2012 Trion is showing off the numerous skins for your units and that’s where this video comes in.  Watch the trailer above and taunt your foes with bacon! 

Everyone loves any video done to The Hall Of Mountain King, everyone.

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