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Guardians of Middle Earth showcases Legolas and the Witch King


Posted by: Andrew Clouther

Can’t get enough MOBA action?  Did you want to play a MOBA on a console?  Is this possibility a dream come true?  By now I’m sure you’ve heard about Guardians of Middle Earth; the Lord of the Rings MOBA created by Monolith Productions.  With this video both Legolas and the Witch King are being featured.

Legolas is an auto attack champion who can dash and has some burst.  According to his stats his auto attack is his strength and probably excels at single target DPS.  The Witch King on the other hand has some crowd control with his kit.  He has an ability appropriately called ‘Death’ that if he kills something with it, the creature returns and fights for him as a wraith.  His other ability ‘Darkness’ appears to be a sort of taunt that focuses the target to fight him. 

Watch the video above and try to prepare yourself for a console MOBA.     

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