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Day two: still waiting for The Last Story


Posted by: David Sanchez

When I went to pick up my launch copy of The Last Story yesterday morning, I wasn't too happy about the fact that I was pretty much sent back home after being told that Nintendo hadn't shipped it yet. After all, yesterday was The Last Story Day. August 14 was the day that North American Wii owners would finally get to play the Mistwalker-developed JRPG.

Except it wasn't.

Nintendo of America didn't ship my copy of The Last Story to my local GameStop, and I was not impressed. Not at all! But I couldn't do anything, so I went home, eagerly awaiting for the next day — this day, August 15 — to come so I could finally get my hands on my very own copy of The Last Story.

So I went to GameStop this morning, asked the dude about the game, and he told me they didn't have it in yet. As a matter of fact, they won't have it in until Friday. Interesting.

Looks like I'll wait then ...

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