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Insurgency 2 turns to fan support on Kickstarter


Posted by: David Sanchez

Back in 2007, Insurgency took gamers by storm and delivered a Half-Life 2 multiplayer mod that gained a ton of popularity right from the get-go. To put things into perspective, the game was downloaded by more than one million people during its first week on the scene. So yeah, it was kind of successful, you guys.

Now, an entirely new game, Insurgency 2, has been unleashed on Kickstarter for fans of the initial mod to support and hopefully play in the future. Developer New World Interactive is looking for $180,000 in pledges. So far, the studio has raked in a little over $56,000. That's almost one-third of the necessary funding, and with 25 days left to go, it's very possible that Insurgency 2 will reach its goal.

New World Interactive consists of a large portion of the team behind the original Insurgency, and Creative Director Jeremy Blum has stated that Insurgency 2 will feature a rich team-based gameplay experience that's true to the original.

The studio is looking to pack Insurgency 2 with plenty of content including seven maps, three player classes, and "at least" two different game modes. If you dig objective-based team battles across a war-torn battlefield, you should definitely watch out for this one. And if you've got a few bucks, why not support this "high-speed tactical first-person multiplayer shooter" by making a pledge?


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