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Deponia trailer is 'like a cool version of herpes'


Posted by: David Sanchez

Story, characters, and plot. These narrative elements are of the utmost importance when it comes to adventure games. While any other genre can succeed with a poor story and solid gameplay, adventure games are different; they need to have a plot and characters that we can care about.

Having just launched for PC on August 6, Deponia looks to provide a humorous tale rife with memorable characters. I mean, you know a protagonist is awesome when he says he's a "cool version of herpes." Check out the trailer above for a glimpse at the humor in Deponia, and if you really want a close look, check out the free Flash demo.

It's great to see adventure games popping up more often. It's a classic genre that hasn't been forgotten, and it's awesome that we can still enjoy these types of games.

Deponia is priced at $19.99, but you can snag it on Steam for $15.99 for a limited time. If you're looking for some adventure gaming with a comical touch, you may just want to check this one out.

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