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Liquid.Taeja wins Asus ROG Starcraft II Summer Assembly


Posted by: Dustin Steiner

Team Liquid's Taeja, a young Starcraft II prodigy out of Korea, is on a roll lately. After steamrolling the compeitition at the MLG Summer Arena in StarCraft II, Taeja found himself in his fourth grand finals in the past month, all of which have been Terran vs Protoss matchups. This time, he was up against the formidable veteran MC. Despite the stiff competition though, Taeja proved to be rather unshakable, taking clean victories in all of his matches through good use of unpunished Orbital Command expansion and sniping of key tech from MC led to an easy 3-0 Victory for Liquid.Taeja and a $13,000 first place prize

Here are the final standings for the 2012 Asus ROG Summer Assembly in StarCraft 2, and their winnings. (It's notable that all of these, except for Mana and SortOf are Korean. Go figure):

Assembly Summer 2012 standings
1.   Taeja, $13,000
2.   MC, $6,500
3.   ForGG, $4,000
4.   Moon, $2.500
5-8.   Mana, $1,000
5-8.   SortOf, $1,000
5-8.   HerO, $1,000
5-8.   TheSTC, $1,000

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