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Watch the 'Curiosity' Mars rover landing on your Xbox 360


Posted by: Matt Liebl

With the "Curiosity" rover set to touch down on the surface of Mars his weekend, Microsoft has you covered.

On your Xbox 360 dashboard will be a special Mars Rover section right on the main page. In this section you can find a quiz about the mission (I didn't even know there was one), learn about the engineering that has gone into the mission, and much more. In addition, Microsoft will be providing a live stream from NASA TV's Mission control at the JPL during the final moments before landing - right before the Martians attack.

While passing the time for the landing you can check out the free Kinect Mars Rover simulator and get a few achievements to add to your Gamerscore. In this game, you mission is to guide NASA's Mars rover to its landing site safely and on target using your body to direct the craft and control thrusters as you descend. Successfully doing so can also earn you avatar gear.

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