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Club Nintendo changes up its rewards for July again


Posted by: David Sanchez

Nintendo is continuing to change its lineup of free downloadable games through its Club Nintendo rewards program. This month we've already seen Mario Tennis, Electroplankton Rec-Rec, and Starship Defense appear for a limited time, and now we've got two more games.

The first free title you can snag by redeeming your Club Nintendo Coins is the Game Boy classic, Golf. You can download the game straight to your 3DS for 150 Coins, but if you really want it, you better download it by August 12.

For you Wii types, Bonsai Barber is also available for download. This one's also priced at 150 Coins. It's by the guy who made Goldeneye 007, so there's that. You can redeem your Coins for the game until August 5.

I like the idea of Club Nintendo rotating its rewards, though so far I haven't found too much that I've really cared about. Eh, at least I already snagged Majora's Mask and Fluidity a few months ago.

[Club Nintendo]

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