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Oh hell yes: Hybrid and Minecraft invade each other's worlds


Posted by: David Sanchez

Crossovers! Ya like 'em? Of course you do! And if you like Minecraft and are looking forward to the upcoming third-person shooter, Hybrid, you've got some crazy crossover goodness a-comin'!

At this year's Comic-Con, a partnership was announced between Minecraft developer Mojang and Hybrid developer 5th Cell. When players level up to 20 in Hybrid, they'll obtain some cool Minecraft-inspired helmets for their characters depending on the faction they're a part of. Paladins will unlock the Steve helmet, while Variants will have access to the Creeper helmet. Nifty!

Meanwhile, Minecraft players will be granted some Hybrid-flavored awesomeness to enjoy in the popular sandbox game. What will the incentive be for these folks? Avatars based on the Paladin and Variant factions, that's what!

Hybrid will launch on August 8 as part of Microsoft's Xbox Live Summer of Arcade. Watch out for it, and watch out for the sweet crossover content, too.

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