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Fortnite announced as PC exclusive and the first game to use Unreal Engine 4


Posted by: Matt Liebl

Remember Epic Games' survival game Fortnite that was revealed back in December? It looked fun and all, but would you have guessed that it was running Unreal Engine 4 tech?

Probably not, but the fact is Fortnite will be the very first game to use Epic's revolutionary Unreal Engine 4. And on top of that, it is being developed exclusively for PC.

Today at San Diego Comic-Con, Epic Games dropped the huge bomb, while revealing the very first look at the co-op sandbox survival game. In Fortnite,you will explore, forage, collaborate and build by day in the dynamic and expanding world. At night, you will work together to defend the fortress from the forces of darkness.

Back in January, Epic Games' founder, Tim Sweeney, defended Fornite as a "technical powerhouse" claiming it has "vivid colors and real-time shadows everywhere". Don't be fooled by it's "Disney, Pixar look", as described by design director Cliff Bleszinski; I think there's more than meets the eye with Fortnite - particularly with the advancements in lighting and modeling.

Fortnite will arrive on PC in 2013. It looks like we'll have to wait until the launch of next-gen consoles before we see its release on other platforms, though Epic did have playable prototypes of the game running on Unreal Engine 3 at Comic-Con.

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