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More colors for the Nintendo 3DS means more colors for the Nintendo 3DS


Posted by: Andrew Clouther

Have you ever thought to yourself “I need either a sky blue or a pink Nintendo 3DS?”  No?  Well they are a thing regardless.  Just in the time for summer, Nintendo is delivering on these brightly summer colored gem but to the Hong Kong and Taiwan markets only.  Sure these new colors are quite similar to DS colors of the past, but no one needs to pay attention to that.


The sky blue color is being called “Cerulean Blue” and the hot pink color is going by “Pearl Pink.”  These are said to come in September.  These colors are just too hot for the American and European markets, sorry all – perhaps someday, maybe.

Don’t get these colors mixed up with the 3DS XL units that are launching at the same time.  These hot colors are for the ‘standard editions’ only.  However, the 3DS XL bad boys will come in white and a wicked blue/black combo.  So, there’s that.

The colors Duke, the colors.

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