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In the holiday season tablet war, small is king


Posted by: Andrew Clouther

I’m going to go ahead and say people don’t know what they want.  They don’t, we’re pretty dumb.  For this exact reason, companies are going to swarm us with every variant of a product until we find what we’re happy with.  This is the trend with tablet developers as of recent.  Is bigger better?  No.  For this holiday season the little guy is where it’s at.

The Kindle Fire is hot right now.  It’s relatively cheap, small, and does its main purpose really really well.  For these reasons, it’s been doing really well.  Competitors see Amazon’s product and see red.  Google and Apple aren’t going to just stand back while this market passes them by.

What’s the answer?  Join the “smaller version of the product you’ve already created” market, obviously.  Google’s answer is the Nexus 7 tablet and Apple is going to be pumping out a smaller 7.85 inch iPod.  Genius!  The thing is, that all three of these products will get sold like wild fire.  I mean… if I have a 9.7 inch iPod I will of COURSE need a 7.85 inch iPod to go along with it.  That’s just consumer logic people.

Each of these different products will help support the company’s largest revenue service.  Amazon will sell more books, Google will rake in money will ads, and Apple will bank through the iTunes Store.  I’m already curious to see which sells the best this holiday season.  The tablet competition is fierce and I’d expect some surprises around the end of this year to help sway your purchase.   

Let the games begin.       


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