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New Japanese trailer shows off Persona 4 storyline


Posted by: Vito Gesualdi

Though a Persona fighting game seemed like an odd choice to many, this most recent trailer from Atlus has us convinced it's a good idea. Just take a look at the fantastic visuals from the game's story sequences, all gloriously animated in that undeniable Nippon style we've come to love. Point is, Atlus's knack for storytelling combined with Arc System Works' proven ability to deliver balls-out arcade action has us salivating for this combo marathon. How about you?

Trailer info: That story mode trailer from Persona 4 Arena - now in HD! If you're new to P4A - it's the sequel to the Persona 4 RPG, but with gameplay from Arc System Works and Story from Atlus. If ever there was an awesome combination of developers - then THAT's it! : )

Did you know P4A has 30-40 hours of story in it? Or that it goes into detail about what Persona 3 characters Akihiko, Mitsuru, Aigis and Elizabeth have been up to over the last two years? You do now!
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