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Heroes of Newerth spotlights bird champion Prophet


Posted by: Vito Gesualdi

Though Heroes of Newerth has yet to claim the DotA crown for itself, it still remains a serious competitor for games like League of Legends and other similar games. This new trailer shows off one of the game's cooler heroes: Prophet, a bird wizard who kicks some serious tail. Have you taken this game for a spin yet? If so, which champion is your favorite?

Trailer info: In the world of men and beast there are many paths to power. Some men take up arms and fight with steel and powder, others turn to the lost technology of the golden ages, worship the gods of old or learn from ancient tomes of power. There are those who take a different path, one of pacts and binding. These are not the infernal pacts of the Deamons, but instead they are made with the forces that oppose the chaos the Hellbourne bring. The creatures of the world and the forces of life, death, and nature themselves all wish to have their say in the fate of Newerth. To ensure the Hellbourne are driven back into the pits from which they spawned, each will empower an avatar to fight on their behalf -- a Prophet to ensure that fate favors the bold.

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