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New trailer showcases Journey Collector's Edition


Posted by: Vito Gesualdi

The Journey Collector's Edition looks like it could be worth picking up, collecting all three best-selling games from acclaimed indie developer thatgamecompany, Journey, Flower, and flOw, for one low price. The collection also includes a wealth of exclusive bonus content that fans are sure to love, including the soundtracks for all three games. Of course, you'll really only be getting a bargain if you haven't already dropped your PSN dollars on one of the three awesome titles in the package, so the "collector's edition" won't be for everybody. Still, it's cool to see these atmospheric games getting a true retail release, standing proudly on the shelf next to "Military Kill Guy: Action Murder" and "Super Tomb Raider: Rape Simulator Prime." 
Oh, you also get a 1-month subscription to PlayStation Plus, which is solid. Will you be picking up this cool trilogy?
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