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Smudged Cat releases puzzle platformer Gateways for PC


Posted by: David Sanchez

Indie developer Smudged Cat Games has released its latest title, Gateways. The game features 2D platforming gameplay with traditional tropes such as "jumping on enemies' heads, spikes, and moving platforms."

But what makes Gateways really stand out is its use of gateway guns. Though this mechanic has drawn comparisons to Portal, Gateways really manages to make the use of these gameplay elements its own. You can run through walls, change in size, mess with gravity, and even tinker around with time travel. It's an inventive approach to 2D puzzle platformers, and one that looks incredibly promising.

The world of Gateways definitely looks worth checking out. The game is priced at $10 on Smudged Cat's official website, so if you've got a hankering for what looks to be a fiendishly clever puzzling experience, be sure to check out the trailer above.

According to Smudged Cat, Gateways will be available on Xbox Live Indie Games soon, and there are plans of releasing it on Steam once the game gets Valve's approval.


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