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TimeSplitters 4 could happen as a free-to-play game

Cevat Yerli, one of the founders of developer Crytek, says that TimeSplitters might work on its GFACE free-to-play platform.

The co-founder said he would like to make TimeSplitters 4, but publishers aren't interested.

”I wish we would develop it," he said. "We can’t develop it the way Free Radical had started it before we acquired them."

Yerli encouraged fans to continue speaking out, like they have been on Facebook: ”So let me say it this way: I love the picture of TimeSplitters running on GFACE. So if we get enough fans, being loud enough …”

Do you think publishers should consider a new TimeSplitters worth the investment? Would you prefer it adopted the free-to-play model instead?

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