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People are gambling, cutting each other in these Way of the Samurai 4 screens


Posted by: David Sanchez

Way of the Samurai 4 is approaching its summer launch, and while we may not know exactly when the game is coming, we at least have an idea as to its time frame. The over-the-top style contrasts the old school Japanese setting of Way of the Samurai 4 to the point where it looks brilliantly absurd, and I personally cannot wait to play the game for myself.

Publisher XSEED has released some new screenshots for the upcoming action-adventure title, and they feature all manner of craziness. Want to see some characters gambling? Maybe you're interested in getting a look at a fight scene. Or perhaps you'd just like to see a character with a long face. In any case, you should definitely check out these images from Way of the Samurai 4.

Watch out for this PlayStation 3 exclusive this summer on the PlayStation Network. For more on Way of the Samurai 4, why not be a dear and check out my preview of the game from E3?

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