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Weekly wrap-up: E3 2012 edition

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Mad Riders review (XBLA)

Techland's insane ATV racer isn't without a few quirks, but it still delivers some solid, fast-paced racing through beautiful environments.

Game of Thrones: 'Valar Morghulis' recap and review (TV)

Game of Thrones delivers another enjoyable episode.

Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown review (PSN)

We enter the fight in the most complete and refined version of Virtua Fighter 5, even if it is a fairly aged game by now.

Prometheus review (Movies)

Despite its shortcomings, this sci-fi film ultimately manages to provide moviegoers with a largely enjoyable experience.

DiRT: Showdown review (Xbox 360)

This may not be your typical game of DiRT, but it's an intense, action-packed, and entertaining racer that does things differently, and it does them well.

Lollipop Chainsaw review (Xbox 360)

We dig deep into the colorful zombie world created by Suda51 and James Gunn, and we fall in love with what we get ... especially Juliet.

Mario Tennis Open review (3DS)

What's the word on the latest Mario sports offering? Does it deliver the tennis gameplay that fans are looking for?

Metal Gear Solid HD Collection review (Vita)

While it doesn't come bundled with some neat extras, this collection of awesome titles provides exactly what Metal Gear fans want when they're on the go.

Men In Black: Alien Crisis review (Xbox 360)

Don't buy this game. Even if you're a Men in Black fan, just stay away. Please.

GZ Originals

The games of summer: Captain America and the Avengers

The games of summer: Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty

The games of summer: X-Men vs. Street Fighter

Want to revisit some classics this summer? We've got three recommendations for ya!

Can Jason Rubin turn THQ around?

THQ isn't in the best place, financially. Can the new president help the company prosper once more?

Really? An Expendables 2 video game? REALLY?

There are some things that should never happen. This is one of them.

Five champions that should get the Pulsefire Ezreal treatment

Because more characters need to achieve ultimate badassery.

Top five franchises that helped shape this console generation

Many titles have come along this generation that really left their mark on gaming. Here are five of the current console gen's most influential series.

Enough already: what's with all the mobile over console gaming articles?

Mobile gaming is a nice alternative, and it's certainly a great time sink, but anyone who thinks it's going to make console gaming obsolete is just daft.

IGN: Win sh*t from the game we didn't like

Despite its mediocre review score for Lollipop Chainsaw, one of the biggest game news sites on the internet is still doing a giveaway. Wait, what?

For a bunch of nonsensical gibberish, follow @thesanchezdavid on Twitter.

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