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Snoop tells Tekken players to "Knocc 'Em Down"


Posted by: Vito Gesualdi

There's nothing that makes me think of gangster rap more than Namco's long-running fighting franchise. After all, sweaty men in Lion masks just brings to mind the O.G., Snoop Dawg himself. Point is, we don't really understand Snoop's tie-in with the long awaited Tekken Tag sequel, though we're pretty okay with this music video, showing some brawlers enjoying a good time. No bongs to be found in the video though, which makes us wonder if the notoriously marajuana-phobic Japanese wouldn't be a fan of Mr. Doggy Dawg's medicine of choice. 

Too bad Snoop isn't a playable character. Maybe we'll see an alternate Eddy skin?

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