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Diablo 3 'Attack Speed' stat bugged


Posted by: Matt Liebl

There are "a number of bugs" with the Attack Speed stat in Diablo 3 at the moment, Blizzard confirmed.

A fan posted an image on the forums of an item that he bought on the auction house.  The item was better in every way, yet somehow his overall damage was decreased by 2,400.

According to Diablo 3 community manager Mark Whipple (aka Bashiok), this is a known bug.

"The most common offender being that on some set/Legendary items it just doesn't work at all," he said. "It's a known issue and something we'll be fixing in a future patch."

It looks like the bug was a result of the recently released 1.0.2 patch which went live earlier this week.  You can check out the known bug list here.

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