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Aliens: Colonial Marines collector’s edition announced


Posted by: Andrew Clouther

Excited for Aliens: Colonial Marines?  Excited enough for a collector’s edition?  Yes?   Well BOY are you in luck.  Just today SEGA and Gearbox Software have announced just this!  This edition of the game is going to be GameStop exclusive for pre-orders only.  It will also be out the 12th of February of 2013 with the regular version of the game. 

Just what does the collector’s edition come with you ask?  It is packed to the rim with everything any Aliens fan boy could ever want.  I for one loved Aliens as a child, this is like a nostalgic overload for me.  Firstly, you can play as four of the classic marines from the movies: Hicks, Hudson (game over man), Apone, and Drake.  As far as other in game items go, you will also receive Ripley’s Flamethrower, more customizations options for the marines, the USCM Academy firing range, the phase plasma rifle, and sonic electronic ball breakers.

What would a collector’s edition be without physical swag?  Nothing I say, nothing.  This is why the Aliens: Colonial Marines collector’s edition comes with plenty of goodies.  Besides a copy of the game, it also comes with a USCM Dossier, a powerloader figure with alien caught in claw, and a xeno hive for our viewing pleasure.  Not sure what all these things are?  I have a picture for you!  So get to your local GameStop and preorder yourself some alien action!        


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