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Modern Warfare 3 double XP running through 5/29


Posted by: Tate Steinlage

It probably comes as no surprise to you that a lot of gamers enjoy playing Modern Warfare 3's competitive multiplayer - it's only taken over the weekly LIVE activity charts since its release last November. Since then, though, Activision has released a steady dose of content, including weekend double XP events. Well, they're back at again, but this time gamers are being treated to a weeks worth of double XP. 

Infinity Ward tweeted: 

Double XP for all  playlists (including all platforms) 5/23 through 5/29

Honestly, it's nice to see Activison mixing things up this time around for its multiplayer. Since launch, we've seen new, intense modes, solid map packs, and worthwhile weekends like this. Expect this to continue, as Activision plans to milk this cow until Black Ops II hits this November. Until then, happy gaming! 

Source: [Twitter - Infinity Ward]

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