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Blizzard planning to release Diablo 3 game update next week


Posted by: Matt Liebl

Blizzard has plans to release a Diablo 3 update in the form of a patch "sometime next week".

According to a post today, the game update will "further address client issues and apply additional bug fixes".

"Since the game's launch, we’ve applied a number of hotfixes to address gameplay issues, made tweaks to improve our service stability, and performed occasional server maintenance when necessary to ensure that in the long term, players have the best gameplay experience possible," Community Manager Danielle Vanderlip (aka Nethaera) wrote.

"Moving forward, additional server maintenance will be required," she warned.

Early on Diablo 3 ran into some server issues, but since the release they have been relatively stable.  There are still a few lag spikes here and there, but hopefully the future maintenance will solve that.

In the meantime, Blizzard has released plans for several hotfixes, including plans to nerf the Monk class which seems to have angered many.  Recognizing this, Blizzard today responded to the class balancing issue insisting that it is an "ongoing investigation".

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