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Soul Sacrifice's offering system explained, plus new monster art

Sony has provided more details about the PlayStation Vita game Soul Sacrifice, due out in Japan this coming winter.

In the game, players gain magic by making personal sacrifices. This unique "offering" system also involves using environmental objects as the focus of spells. For example, players can morph boulders and lava into shields and golems. The rarer the object, the more powerful the magic. Once characters channel an object, though, it disappears.

The spells Excalibur and Salamander are some of the best self-sacrificial attacks, although the former kills your character.

Sony also revealed a new monster called Cyclops. Once a skilled blacksmith, the Cyclops used magic and one of his eyes to make the ultimate lance.

A North American localization under the name "Forsaken Souls" is a possibility.

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