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The Amazing Spider-Man 'Web Rush' mechanic explained


Posted by: Matt Liebl

Back in February, The Amazing Spider-Man lead designer Rodolphe Recca briefly talked about an all-new game mechanic that will give players "real-time navigational and combat choices".

Despite the hype Beenox has placed upon this new mechanic, we didn't know much about Web Rush aside from it "letting you pull off Spidey's signature moves like never before". 

While cool in theory, Beenox finally released a trailer showing just how this new feature will function.  As the game's executive producer, Brent Nicholas, describes, "Web rush allows the player to slow down time and make strategic choices on the fly about your next move."

Once activated, a variety of navigational and combat options can be chosen like taking down your enemy in stealth fashion from the shadows or jumping right into the action. Judging from the trailer released today, Web Rush will allow you to feel the adrenaline of Spider-Man soaring through the open-world Manhattan city landscape like never before.

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